Health & Safety

For all Crouzet brands, we consider the protection of the health and safety of all our staff and the improvement of our environmental performance both as a moral responsibility and a key business goal.In line with InnoVistaSensors™’s safety, health and environmental directives, we undertake ourselves to:

  • Comply with environmental and health and safety requirements and even go beyond them whenever possible,
  • Design products and process are environmentally friendly and protect the health and safety of our employees,
  • Prevent environmental and occupational health risks:
    • Proactively identify and assess risks with the contribution of everyone (managers and staff),
    • Develop programmes for the prevention and reduction of occupational hazards and environmental impacts, including:
      • Aiming for “zero accidents”, and ensuring working conditions which prevent occupational diseases and health hazards are prevented by a safe environment, safe tools and safe workstations,
      • Minimizing the environmental impact of our sites by keeping risks (prevention of pollution, fire, etc.) under control and optimising our consumption of energy and natural resources,
  • Raise awareness and train everyone to develop their skills, consolidate their experience and improve their behaviour towards health, safety and environment issues in order to create a culture of prevention,
  • Involve and encourage everyone to take responsibility for the management of health, safety and the environment to develop a strong culture of health, safety and environment
    • Employees, through their buy-in, involvement and vigilance,
    • Managers, by setting an example and their commitment to take decisions in line with this policy,
  • Improve our performance through a continuous improvement process.

Requirements for our suppliers

Quality and environmental requirements applicable to our suppliers

When mentioned in our orders, PCA 029 requirements below apply.
Please note that to point out any amendments, the date and the indice notification of the document are amended, and the following message will appear on our orders:
“According to PCA 029 ind C of April 2013; the document is also available on our website at:” ( Link to document PCA 029.C April 2013 )