Key Dates

1921 : Crouzet first founded (general mechanical engineering)

1939 : The Crouzet private limited company is formed

1957 : First overseas subsidiary in Italy

1960 : Development of aerospace and automation component businesses. Creation of subsidiaries in England, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland

1969 : Company floated on the Paris Stock Exchange

1978 : International expansion into Sweden, United States, Mexico

1989 : Acquisition of SYRELEC. SEXTANT Avionics is created by the merger of Crouzet – EAS – SFENA and the Flight Electronics division of THOMSON-CSF

1992 : Acquisition of GORDOS

1993 : Creation of Crouzet Automatismes, a 100% subsidiary of SEXTANT Avionics

1999 : Member of the THOMSON-CSF Avionic Systems Business Group

2000 : Crouzet Automatismes joins the Schneider Electric group

2006 : Crouzet joins Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), a Business Unit incorporating Crouzet, Crydom, Kavlico, Newall, Systron Donner and the various divisions of BEI Sensors 2008: June 30th, Crouzet is awarded the 15th Rhône Alpes Prize for Quality and Performance 2008 in the “Companies and Subsidiaries” category and at a national level on December 3rd

2013 : Creation of the 6 Crouzet brands: Crouzet Aerospace, Crouzet Automation, Crouzet Control, Crouzet Motors, Crouzet Solid State Relays and Crouzet Switches

2014 : DCmind brush motor from Crouzet Motors is awarded Product of the Year by the American magazine Medical Design Briefs

2014 : New shareholders structure for CST (made of Carlisle, PAI Partner, Schneider Electric and CST management)

2015, Dec 1 : Crouzet Brands become part of the company InnoVista Sensors ™