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New distributor

22 november 2013

Crouzet Switches is delighted to announce that J-Squared Technologies is now an official supplier of their snap-action switches product line. J-Squared Technologies supports and supplies electronic products and solutions to key target markets of Crouzet Switches.

J-Squared Technologies is a Canadian company with a business unit in the United States to support the North American electronics marketplace. They work with customer's engineering departments to solve problems and provide products in a component or sub-assembly form. Their understanding and supply of industry leading technology products and solutions allows their customers to achieve cost and time-to-market advantages. They work with customer's procurement departments to mitigate supply chain issues utilizing their SAP system for stock and logistics management.

The addition of J-Squared Technologies to Crouzet Switches' supplier list will help us to better serve our customer base, and increase awareness of the Crouzet Switches brand.

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