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Cockpit Equipment

The detail that makes the difference

Crouzet Aerospace provides technically-advanced custom grips, controls wheels, and buttons for major programs worldwide with best in class quality and logistical excellence. The performance speaks for itself and has resulted in both a solid commercial relationship and a mutual understanding with our global customer base.



Crouzet’s man machine interfaces for both Commercial and Military aerospace markets have been designed, manufactured & delivered for more than four decades. Crouzet’s Aerospace wide range of grip designs allows for quick and accurate responses to any customer’s needs or requirements.

Control Wheels

The quality of the man machine interface in an aircraft cockpit is a major concern to the system designer and the operator alike. The comfort and aesthetics of Crouzet Aerospace hand wheels are two features of critical importance to the Crouzet design team during the initial development phase.
Our significant heritage allows us to provide you with solutions based on inputs from pilots and designers worldwide.


Extensive research at Crouzet Aerospace has resulted in industrialized and manufactured control grips, pushbuttons, and many other accessories. Our heritage pushbutton designs include one pole, two pole, 2, 3, 4 and 5 ways trim, triggers, joysticks, and transducers Additionally, Crouzet Aerospace is able to develop buttons tailored specifically to any customer application.
By manufacturing its own switches, Crouzet Aerospace offers its customers all the benefits of vertical integration : cost control, short lead time and proven dependable quality.
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Cockpit thumstick


Cockpit Button


Cockpit multiway


Cockpit grip front panel


Cockpiti Trigger


 3D Design
Control wheels
Trim switch
 Front panel
 3D design


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