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Solid State Relays & I/O Modules
Excellence through specialization

At Crouzet we are committed to providing our customers with innovative quality products. Our state of the art technology and years of expertise in designing and manufacturing solid state relays have resulted in an extensive line of solid state relays & I/O Modules. In comparison to electromechanical relays that wear and make acoustic noise, Crouzet solid state relays provide superior performance characteristics with no wear, acoustic noise, while offering substantially longer operating life.
To learn more about the Crouzet Solid State Relays & I/O Modules please visit our specialty website at
Automation control components for all your applications
Crouzet Aerospace, Crouzet Automation, Crouzet Control, Crouzet Motors, Crouzet Solid State Relays and Crouzet Switches are brands of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), specialist in designing and manufacturing sensing, control and motion products. Expert in their field, all Crouzet brands share their expertise with customers and even customize products to match customer’s specifications.