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MIL Circuit Breakers Cross Reference Database

Standard Crouzet P/N
MS3320 84400048 -> 84400056 Datasheet (PDF) 3D (Step)
MS3320-xL 84400148 -> 84400156 Datasheet (PDF) 3D (Step)
MS3320-ExV 84400248 -> 84400256 Datasheet (PDF) 3D (Step)
MS14154 84414001 -> 84414020 Datasheet (PDF) 3D (Step)
MS26574 84406001 -> 84406020 Datasheet (PDF) 3D (Step)

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Choose the right circuit breaker for specific vibration environment

The resisitance levels of random sinusoidal vibrations are classified by a relative letter. The letter “A” corresponds to the lowest vibration perfomence, while “G” indicates the highest vibration tolerance. These letters are indicated on the circuit breaker as in the example below.

Electrical protection for military and civilian platforms

MIL Circuit Breakers operate flawlessly in harsh conditions, resistant to extreme vibration & excessive mechanical shock in various applications, including:

  • Fighter Aircraft
  • Military Helicopter
  • Ground Air Defense Systems
  • Military Land Tracked and Wheeled Vehicules
  • Missile Launchers
  • Naval Shipboard Applications
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