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Automotive applications

Carbody, Safety systems and Interior and Confort

Flexibility and accuracy of sensing, reliability, insertion and integration in the design of sub-assemblies are key elements to automotive. Specialised in innovative sensing solutions adapted to the functionnal sub-assemblies in automotive equipment, Crouzet manufactures products found in numerous applications related to the carbody, the cabin interior, comfort and safety systems.

Fob Slot Key (Dashboard)

The V5S microswitch accurately detects the presence of a fob slot key in the ignition system in order to reliably switch On/Off the car's engine.


Car manufacturers require safety microswitches capable to measure the positon of rear and front seats in order to adapt the airbags volume for passengers safety. Our Seat Track Position Sensor (STPS) ensures this safety function by accurately detecting the various positions of the seats.


Electric seat control modules offer the possibility to tune seat morphology and control seats temperature. They consequently require microswtiches for both high and low currents for controling the actuator in order to ensure passengers comfort. Our 83991 microswitch is the ideal component as it fits high and low current, has a long term reliability and offers customized connections.

Ambiance / Lighting

Premium vehicles are often equipped with lighted mirror sun visors, our compact and robust V4 or V5S microswitches might be mounted in confined conditions such as sun visors. They ensure the control of the light system for a complete occupants comfort all along vehicle's life.

Seat Belt

Our SBR (Seat Belt Reminder) is a safety & patented switch that detects accurately the presence of an occupant in a seat or of the driver on his/her seat in order to monitor seat belt systems. This switch can be easily mounted on A or B face of a seat and adaptated to seat design as it may be installed in the metallic structure or directly in the foam.

Soft Top

Convertible car needs an high sensitive, sealed and robust design microswitch such as the V5S to detect the opening / closing status of the soft top.


Window control modules require compact and long-life microswitches such as our 83991 capable to switch high current intensity and to detect the manually positions to lift up or lower car windows.


Back doors require compact and easy to integrate sealed microswitches such as the V5S to detect the position of the locking system.

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30+ years of Sensors Expertise in the Automotive Industry

Crouzet successfully serves the automotive market by meeting the rigid standards for every critical automotive applications. Our highly experienced staff in design, engineering and production provides technically innovative and customised solutions for high volume production.

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Customised solutions
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Crouzet through the years
1921Creation of Crouzet
1990Co-designed window-lift and exhaust gas recirculation microswitches
1995Sunvisors application microswitches
2005Seat Track Position Sensor
2010Seat Belt Reminder Position Sensor
2019Electric vehicules charging gun microswitches

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