Check out the proximity switches’ dimensions, technical specifications & drawings

TypeP/NDimensionsDrawingsTechnical SpecificationsParts available
2 wire proximity switch84792000Datasheet (PDF) 3D (STEP) Technical Specifications (PDF) Check Stock
3 wire proximity switch84793050Datasheet (PDF) 3D (STEP) Technical Specifications (PDF) Check Stock


2 Wire Inductive Proximity Switches

3 Wire Inductive Proximity Switches


  • Contactless detection with integrated electronics (up to 7 mm detection)
  • Pressure and temperature variation resilient
  • Output compatible with general avionics I/O and PLC I/O
  • BIT output
  • EMI resilient, shielded cable
  • High pressure version for cylinder actuator (4500 PSI)


  • Built in test preclude latent failure
  • Off the shelf, DO 160G qualified standard parts reduce time to market
  • Modification to customer reqirements of Threading, Connector, EMI performances, Environment category is standard in house practice

Successful Partnership with BOEING

Boeing selected Crouzet to provide the proximity switches to monitor the positions of the electric thrust reverser lock system on the 737 MAX.

The landing of an aircraft uses a number of means to come to a stop with two of the most important being the mechanical brakes and jet engine thrust reverser.

The thrust reverser is considered critical for safe operations as it helps to slow down the aircraft just after touch-down, reducing wear on the brakes and enabling shorter landing distances.

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