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Built-in & Remote


em4 Alert has a built-in GSM modem to connect to any cellular network to control and monitor your applications, no need of any other internal or external network.

Control with a simple text. Use your mobile to send instructions & receive data to your em4 via text message.

Give cellular capabilities to your application using em4 Alert to control and monitor the devices connected to it, directly or through a Modbus network.

Thanks to the cellular network your em4 telecontrollers can talk to each other and exchange data via text message without being connected to a local network or to a router.

Assign users and keep control on who you want to interact with your em4, Keep it simple! Without modifying the programming, you can manage via text me saging your em4's telephone numbers, email addresses, user profiles and user access rights

Alert System

Events alerts, status feedback & alarms anywhere your are:

Receive automatic alerts via text message and e-mail

Decide what you want to be informed of

Be always aware of your application

Save time and resources by letting em4 monitor your applications for you, it will notify you when any event occurs via email or will even send you text alarms to your mobile devices at any change

em4 Alert will also minimize the downtime of your machines and systems, since it will detect any failure and immediately alert you.


Measure and record the key parameters of your applications

Receive data log reports in .csv files by email or FTP *

You decide if you want to receive your data periodically or request it just when you need it

FTP Server

Collect datalogs sent by your em4 Alert

Re-use the data to customize a preferred visualization


PLC performance...

26 I/Os: 16 inputs & 10 outputs (expand up to 46 I/Os)

4 inputs are configurable, digital or high-speed counting (up to 60 khz)

12 inputs are configurable, digital or analog for voltage (0-10 V and 0-VCC), current (4-20mA) and to connect sensors directly (LDR, NTC, pressure, flow, humidity & level)

8 relay outputs: 6 of 8 Amps and 2 of 6 Amps

2 Static/SSR PWM outputs

Made simple

Smart Design: A PLC in a Logic Controller Body

Due to its modular shape, em4 can be also used in distribution and modular panels

You easily can use it as DIN Rail mount or convert it to Panel mount

The interchangeable interfaces allows you to quickly add Bluetooth, Modbus RTU or USB capabilities*

* Use any of these while you keep using cellular functionality


Embedded screen and control buttons

The screen and control buttons embedded to the CPU makes em4 the only Nano-PLC that allows you to immediatly and directly in your application, visualize alarms and data as well as change parameters

Crouzet Virtual Display

Use it via Bluetooth or USB to:

Read the product screen and use the buttons to change parameters remotely from you PC, laptop or mobile devices.

Keep control of your applications by reading recorded datalogs.

Transfer your program to em4 to set-up or update you applications, or firmware without having to remove it or disconnect any wires.

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Easiest to use and most
intuitive software

Visual programming and vast of pre-programmed function blocks to drag and drop into your application, make the new version of Crouzet Soft the most intuitive and easiest to use, even for first-time users.

Simple to use...
Powerful performance

Easiest and most intuitive visual programming software

Outstanding memory capacity (up to +2000 function blocks)

Ready to configure cellular modem and communication protocols

Supports complex data processing with its 32-bit capacity

Allows you to combine function block and SFC programming (sequential function chart)

Organize your program with custom icons, images and text comments

Edit & program your em4 either at your desk with USB or remotely through Bluetooth, even if already installed in your application

Create your own macros

Pre-programmed application blocks

See a few samples below

Pump Management

Level Control

Sunset/Sunrise Timer

Flow Control

Solar Tracking

Pool Filtration

Create and simulate your program
Even if you don't have the product...yet

Try it now!


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em4 Alert

- B26 3GS -

P/N: 88981123


Telecontroller Starter Kit

- em4 Alert + 3M Antenna + em4 soft + USB interface + USB cable -

P/N: 88981126



- Analog and Digital -

Analog E10A

P/N: 88982213


Digital E10R

P/N: 88982113



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Memory Interface

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Bluetooth Interface

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USB Interface

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Modbus Interface

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Touch Screen (HMI)

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Plastron IP67

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NTC, LDR & Other Temperature Probes

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Signal Converters (Voltage, Current, Temp.)

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Power Supplies

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Temperature Sensors

Your own controller

All the high performance of Crouzet controllers adapted to your specific needs

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