Visual Programming
Crouzet Soft uses FBD (Function Blocks Diagram) and Graphcet SFC (Sequential Flow Chart). Literally little colored icons that you can drag-and-drop into the canvas, double-click them to define your parameters and wire them virtually

Learn while you play!
It has an intuitive and very friendly user interface for self-learning, no matter if you are already an expert programmer or a first-time user, Crouzet Soft is for everyone. A large support library is available to teach you how to use each function block while you are programming

You are in control of your application
Create your own program and modify it whenever you want, make it bigger or simplify it, you can do it by yourself and be completely independent, thanks to the simplicity of this powerful software

All this allows you to have a complete, flexible and powerful
automation controller, real power-friendly!

Can handle from the simples to your most complex applications

For more than 20 years

Crouzet has never stopped improving its programming language and has been a pioneer in simple programming.

Today Crouzet Soft offers:

Accelerate your development

In addition to help you accelerate your development and save your time, Crouzet has already created specific pre-programmed application blocks dedicated to fulfil an entire job like:

Pump Management

Level Control

Sunset/Sunrise Timer

Flow Control

Solar Tracking

Pool Filtration

Create a unique program
for your unique needs

  • Graphical customization with, colors, drawings, pictures or icons and comments to make your program understandable to anyone
  • You can regroup function blocks so as to create Macros to have a cleaner and organized workspace
  • Password protection at several levels, Lock the complete program, a Macro, or customize the protection as you need
  • Program in your language since it's available in English, French Italian, German and Spanish

If you need a totally adapted software for your specific application needs

Contact our DesignLab

and let's start working together!

Start your project now

Thanks to the accurate simulation tools of Crouzet soft, you can already know the behavior
of your application even if you don’t have the product yet

Try it now...

It's free!

Download it here

Other crouzet automation software

Crouzet Touch HMI Software

Imagine and conceive your project in an easy way

  • Manage all your HMI project from Crouzet Touch Utility Manager
  • A wide range of tools to help you develop the perfect project
  • Dedicated communication drivers for em4 and Millenium 3 allowng simple addressing and label management
  • Import existing MTP HMI programmes into the new Crouzet Touch Soft
  • It’s available in english, french, italian, german, spanish

Key features

Associated features

Email & CSV

Send e-mails with datalog files (csv) from a data sampling and when an event is triggered

Recipe Import/Export

Creating and managing recipes is much easier using the «recipe view» object and system registers available in Crouzet Touch software.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced security mode to manage users and classes easily with dedicated system pages.

Combo Button

Execute multiple commands with one button.

Easy Diagnoser

Analysing and diagnosing communication between HMI and PLC

Easy Simulator

Allows online / offline simulation of your HMI application.

Pass Through

Allows connection of the PLC to the HMI allowing debugging of the system.


Allows network connection to the HMI via VNC client on PC or mobile phone.

Download Crouzet Touch Soft:

Download it here


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