Crouzet Touch HMI Software

Imagine and conceive your project in an easy way

  • Manage all your HMI project from Crouzet Touch Utility Manager
  • A wide range of tools to help you develop the perfect project
  • Dedicated communication drivers for em4 and Millenium 3 allowng simple addressing and label management
  • Import existing MTP HMI programmes into the new Crouzet Touch Soft
  • It’s available in english, french, italian, german, spanish

Key features

Associated features

Email & CSV

Send e-mails with datalog files (csv) from a data sampling and when an event is triggered

Recipe Import/Export

Creating and managing recipes is much easier using the «recipe view» object and system registers available in Crouzet Touch software.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced security mode to manage users and classes easily with dedicated system pages.

Combo Button

Execute multiple commands with one button.

Easy Diagnoser

Analysing and diagnosing communication between HMI and PLC

Easy Simulator

Allows online / offline simulation of your HMI application.

Pass Through

Allows connection of the PLC to the HMI allowing debugging of the system.


Allows network connection to the HMI via VNC client on PC or mobile phone.

Download it here


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