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Access your controller screen and control buttons at a distance in real-time and change available parameters from any of your pc's or mobile devices, either by ethernet network, Bluetooth or USB connection

View & Change Parameters

Read & Write Programs

Download Datalog

Firmware Update

Products Diagnostics

Enhanced Easy Access

Safe & Quick Monitoring

  • Get an exact copy of your controller front screen remotely, especially in closed panel or difficult-to-access locations
  • Stop your controller remotely to access your machine safely and Start it once maintenance is done

Anyone can do it

  • Read current datalog of your running controller and keep track of your key parameters
  • Communication interruption? Program stopped? Fault detected? Make a quick diagnosis of the controller with one click

Improve maintenance

& Make Savings

  • From small changes or improvements of your program to a complete firmware update, you don't need to visit the site anymore, just send your modifications to a collaborator
  • Anybody can do it, either you as an expert or a designated person without risking your know-how by choosing to send a software-unreadable program
  • It's easier than ever without disconnecting any cable and from anywhere

"We save lots of time and money since it was a big pain to send my technicians all across the country to a customer location only to make a simple program change, now I just send it by email to my local contact and he just easily transfer the program with his phone by Bluetooth"

Robert Mckenzie

Engineering Manager

Texas, USA

"When I'm in the factory, there are important values that I need to check on several machines, and reconfigure our Millenium EVO according to the different products we make. I used to visit each machine, now I can do that from my desk and even read the daily datalog"

Fernando Ríos

Automation Engineer

Madrid, Spain

"Instead of cutting my customer’s panels to keep visibility over the controller’s front face, with this app we can put it deep inside the panel or even use the version without screen, and we’re still able to have a clear view of the front face and control buttons from our smartphones"

François Bonnard

Panel Builder

Toulouse, France

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