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Nuclear Plants

We deliver solutions to improve safety and efficiency of nuclear power plants applications.

HVAC Dampers

Stable temperatures, appropriate humidity levels and pressure staggering are essential for safety and reliable operation of nuclear facilities and power plants. Our nuclear certified limit switches detect the open or closed state of HVAC dampers in order to maintain a stable presssure within the nuclear facilities.

Hoist Motion

Our nuclear certified limit switches are mounted in hoist motion to detect the end of the safe travel distance to stop the motion.

Hoists, polar and handling cranes

Nuclear cranes require electromechanical limit switches to regulate operations and prevent incidents. Our limit switches have many functions such as : keeping crane from lifting over capabilities and preventing two trolleys from impacting. For load measurement, a load pin is integrated within the hoists system as a safety device to measure any overload of the maximum operating weight.

Electric Actuators

Valve actuators require highly precise and snap action microswitches to change from one state to another one in a few milliseconds, over several cycles with excellent repeatability.


Nuclear certified (RCC-E 2005 & 2012 certification) and robust Crouzet limit switches are mounted on the valve frame in order to detect accurately the position of the main valve shaft, whatever the conditions. Crouzet Limit Switches indicate very precise information (up to 3 positions: closed, open or intermediate) to provide high level of reliability.

Product lines

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40+ years of Sensors expertise in the Nuclear Industry

Quality Management & Customization Agility at your service: thanks to our quality & control management team, Crouzet meets the different nuclear qualifications IEEE, RCC-E 2005, RCC-E 2012. As experts in sensing technologies, we can provide you with the solution adapted to your exact need thanks to our dedicated design, test facilities and leading edge tools.

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Customised solutions
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High quality standards
IEEE, RCC-E 2005, RCC-E 2012

We cover worldwide nuclear markets for second and third generation reactors

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Crouzet through the years
1970First evaluation of our nuclear switches by EDF
1980Export licence for chinese nuclear power plants
1990Start of nuclear projects in Korea
2000Chinese second generation phase nuclear project support
2013Obsolescence management for Northern european nuclear operator (IEEE certification)
2020New product range certification RCC-E 2012

Position sensing solutions qualified
for nuclear environments (IEEE, RCC-E2012)

Download our full product overview for position sensing solutions qualified for nuclear environments (IEEE, RCC-E2012)
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