Lord Solutions France
is now part of Crouzet

Hereafter is the merger agreement project between Crouzet and Lord Solutions France,
which will take effect on December 31, 2023.

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Cockpit Controls & Inceptors
Electromechanical Actuators
Flight Control Sensors
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Crouzet provides customers innovative offerings globally with best-in-class cockpit controls
  • Inceptors to convert pilot inputs into flight control system commands
  • Force feedback optimized for pilot effectiveness
  • Electromechanical actuators for deployment of doors, landing gear, vents and control surfaces
  • Worldwide distribution, repair and overhaul network with AOG stock, servicing OEMs and end users

Why choosing Crouzet for your Flight Control Equipment projects?

Enable safer flights

Reduce pilot workload

Reduce aircraft weight

Optimize drag of wings

Enhance pilot comfort

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Crouzet announces
the acquisition of
Lord Solutions France

Lord Solutions France (LSF) was transferred to Crouzet on Tuesday, February 28, 2023. The business now operates as Crouzet Flight Control Equipment, which is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Crouzet.

Since 1990, Lord Solutions France has been a recognized leader in the manufacture of aircraft flight control equipments for the general aviation, business aviation, rotorcraft and military aircraft markets, including the popular Fly-by-Wire product line. As part of Crouzet, Crouzet Flight Control Equipment will continue their strong team-oriented culture, longstanding customer relationships and rich history in the aerospace industry.

About Lord Solutions France


Crouzet, founded in 1921, is an independent company manufacturing mechatronic components for demanding applications in Aerospace & Transportation, Energy, Building and Machinery Industry. Crouzet Flight Control Equipment will continue to provide best-in-class service to their customers and remain committed to executing a smooth transition for their customers and suppliers. You may continue to find product information on Parker’s website through March 2024. For additional information about Crouzet, please visit Crouzet.com.

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